Morning Cruise Coffee Runs?? Pack a Drink Carrier!

I realize the way that people take their morning coffee can vary significantly. Some people don’t drink coffee, some people need/want coffee first thing, some people don’t. Some people like drip coffee, some people like espresso. It’s all great.

The way we do coffee on cruises is… first thing. We like to have our coffee in the cabin before having breakfast. The other thing is that we prefer lattes and the such, not drip coffee. Since we don’t stay in Star Class Suites 🙂 that means one of us has to make a coffee run.

A coffee run equates to grabbing two (preferably three) cups of scalding hot coffee. The is followed by navigating multiple elevators. Capped by the final feat of strength and endurance… opening the cabin door.

I’ve never been seriously burned but it is a perilous journey that can be uncomfortably hot and has resulted in spilled coffees.

The obvious solution to this is a drink carrier. Drinks go in the drink carrier, I’m not getting scalded, the coffee is much less likely to spill and it’s easy to carry. Whammo!

Some ships do offer drink carriers and that’s great. In my experience (mostly Royal Caribbean recently) most ships do not offer drink carriers. That’s especially true of the Crown Lounge where it takes an act of Congress to get half and half. What I have been offered is a… plate. I’ve given that a try and it works out about as well as you’d think it would. Needless to say… carrying coffees on a plate should be added as an Olympic sport.

Anyway on one of our recent cruises someone had a reusable, collapsible drink carrier. My thought?… Genius!  This has become a must pack item for us that makes a regular part of our day a lot easier.

Hoku Global Portable Reusable Drink Carrier with Coffee Cup Sleeve – Insulated 4 Cup Holder Caddy – Sturdy Handle for Delivery Take Outs – Organizer Tote Bag for Hot Cold Drinks  – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

Search Amazon for collapsible drink carrier to shop around for options

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