Recommendation: Get Luggage Tags for Your Next Cruise (smoother embarkation, less chance of delayed luggage!)

Generally speaking when you receive your cruise documents you’ll get printable luggage tags that need to be affixed when you drop your luggage off at the cruise terminal. These tell the cruise line staff where to deliver your luggage on the ship and are different from standard bag tags that you would use for flying.

What you’re supposed to do is fold the paper in a certain way and then staple or fold them.

That means you have to pack… tape or a stapler. AND… mess around with taping or stapling when you just want to get to your cruise.

Beyond that, I don’t think this is a very stable way of securing these tags and I’m guessing they fall off on a regular basis. Ever met someone who got their luggage delivered three days into the cruise?

A more secure option that makes embarkation day easier

I highly recommend cruise luggage tag holders. These are sturdier and more secure than tape or staples. They also keep your tags dry (and readable) in the event of rain.

Because your tags are much more likely to stay on, you’re less likely to have delayed luggage on the ship.

Size of these varies based on cruise line. Look for one that’s compatible with your cruise line.

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How I use cruise luggage tags

Before printing the tags (on a color printer if available) I edit the PDF file I receive from the cruise line using a PDF editor and add my name in the guest name area. Of course, you can just write this on the tag, but it makes the end result a lot neater, because of my poor handwriting 🙂

I quickly ignore any directions that say “fold do not cut” 🙂 and trim the paper so that just the tag portion is left. You could certainly fold like the directions suggest, but it’s not really necessary since the tag holder protects the tag. Trimming also makes it easier to slip the paper into the tag holder.

I print and assemble several bag tags before leaving on the cruise

Cruise luggage tags on my Travelpro Maxlite 5 on embarkation day before a cruise!

If you’re flying to your embarkation port I don’t recommend putting cruise tags on your luggage until after your flight. That’s especially true if you’re taping and stapling vs using luggage tags. Luggage tag holders would probably make the flight okay, but, to me, there’s no sense subjecting these to the wear and tear of airline luggage handling.

Day of embarkation or the night before I pull the tags out and place on all bags that we’ll check with porters at the cruise line terminal.

What happens if I don’t have luggage tags when I check bags in at the cruise terminal?

Typically you can ask a porter for help. They have tags that they can manually write out. This is a nice backup, but… pre-printed luggage tags in tag holders are the way to go.

When will I receive luggage tags for Guarantee Cabins

Because guarantee cabins aren’t assigned at the time of booking you may not receive tags with your cruise documents.

My recommendation is to check for cabin assignment a day or two before leaving on your cruise. If your cabin has been assigned, contact your cruise line and ask them to re-issue your cruise documents so you can print out your actual tags.

It seems like most guarantee cabins are assigned within a few days of the cruise, so most of the time you should be able to get updated luggage tags. But, sometimes these are assigned at the very last minute. In that case your only option is to get tags from porters at check in.

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Personalized Metal Luggage Tags with Stainless Steel Wire Loops Pack of 4

Personalized Metal Luggage Tags with Stainless Steel Wire Loops

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Personalized Luggage Tags by PlinChiako: Let us customize your luggage tag with your details and worry no more that your luggage will get lost. Our luggage tags are LASER-ENGRAVED that never fades.
  • Customized Luggage Tags for Suitcases: These luggage tags are made of high-end Anodized Aluminum (3.5 x 2 inches), thick, durable, rust-proof, and reusable multiple times.
  • Luggage Tag Engraved: We utilize laser engraving to ensure that our luggage tags are non-fade and offer them with Stainless Steel loops that keep them firmly attached to your luggage.
  • Cute Luggage Tag: Our luggage tags are available in different designs, in 6 modern colors, and come with stainless steel wire loop. Choose the style you prefer, enter your information, and let us personalize your luggage tag.
  • We are proud to be a Canadian family-owned and operated business.


personalized luggage tags

When it came time to replace luggage tags I decided to look for personalized options and landed on these. I’m very happy with them. Since they’re metal they’re heavy duty compared to all the other luggage tags I’ve used. They also come with beefy stainless steel loops to affix them on your luggage. Beyond choosing the color of the tags themselves you can choose the color of the wire loops and you can have them print your name on both sides of the tag.

I went with a 4 pack of blue for easy visibility and had them print my info on both sides. I did not put my address, because… I may move before I have to replace these. Instead I opted for last name, email and phone number.

Personalized Metal Luggage Tags with Stainless Steel Wire Loops Pack of 4 – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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What size luggage should I take on my cruise?

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