Hands on Review: Sailpack Cruise Ship Approved Travel Fan

When looking for a compact travel fan, I can across Sailpak’s USB rechargeable model. It’s about 6″ x 6″, folds flat for easy storage, is USB chargeable (via USB-C and has 5 speeds. Here’s a hands on review of this fan. Includes pictures and videos taken onboard.

In the boxSide of the box. UPC 792671168089, Input 5v/1a, Fan Power 3.5W

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Cruise Ship Approved Travel Fan

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A look at the front of the fan. The bottom right button turns the fan on and also has an LED display that shows battery charge levels.Back of the fanClose up of the label on the back of the fanClose up of the bottom of the back of the fan. The left side is a USB-C port for charging. The right side has a label with specifications and such.Sailpack Cruise Ship Approved Travel Fan.  Sailpack says this is approved for cruise ship use as of a certain date. Based on the fact that it’s compact I don’t see any cruise line turning this away however you can double check with your line to make sure if you have any concerns.This fan has a stand that can be folded flat when not in useHere’s the fan running. Keep reading for some videos. You can see the bottom right shows charge %. You need to hold down the power button to turn the fan on and off. That’s a good feature because it means it’s less likely to get turned on by mistake when packed away in a bag. After it’s on a short press changes speed.For size reference next to a bottle of Sun Bum sunscreen

Onboard Trials

Here’s the fan onboard Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the SeasThis has a 6 to 10 hour stated battery life. You can also plug it in to extend that. Here is is plugged in to this European Travel Plug Adapter. See: Cruise Ship Power Solutions – Making Use of the 220 Volt Cabin Outlet On Your Next Cruise for more information on using this outlet Here it is running onboard

Here’s a video of the fan to give you an idea of how much sound it puts out

By our bedside on Odyssey of the Seas

Running on my night stand


This is a compact easy to use travel fan. It produces a nice breeze and some background noise. Considering the limited availability of outlets the fact that this is rechargeable is a huge plus. This isn’t a huge fan, but I wouldn’t want it to be as I don’t have that kind of room and many lines ban large fans. This purpose built travel fan solution is a great option for cruising and land based travel.

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