Cruise Ship Power Solutions – Making Use of the 220 Volt Cabin Outlet On Your Next Cruise

Pictured: European Travel Plug Adapter, TESSAN International Power Plug with 2 USB, Type C Outlet Adaptor Charger for US to Most of Europe EU Iceland Spain Italy France Germany – See: Hands on Review: TESSAN International Power Plug with USB

Lack of power solutions in cruise ship cabins

Many cruise cabins have a common problem… lack of outlets. This has generally gotten better with newer ships, but can still be an issue. Even newer ships that have more cabin outlets, the outlets can be placed in such a way as to limit their usability. If two outlets are too close together… you can only use one.

To accommodate European travelers cruise lines will often include one or more 220 volt outlets. If you’re used to using three prong 120 volt electronics this outlet will most likely go unused.

One way to stretch out the outlets on your next cruise is to… use the 220 volt outlet.

What style is the 220 volt outlet on cruise ships?

European Type C seems to be the standard style on cruise ships. This may vary, but it seems to be fairly standard.

Voltage Adapters vs Voltage Converters

Voltage adapters are generally compact and reasonably priced. Adapters only adapt the plug. They do not convert 220v to 120v. Voltage converters actually step down voltage from 220v to 120v. Those are generally bulkier and more expensive.

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Will my 120v devices work with an adapter?

A 120v device (only) device will not work on a 220v outlet with an adapter, but… many of your devices may actually be rated for both 120v and 220v…

Dual Voltage and World Wide Voltage

Many devices are actually setup to use either voltage. As an example take a look at this laptop power charger. It’s designed to accept 100 volts up to 240 volts.

Another example, as of this writing… “Apple USB power adapters are designed for use with power sources rated to provide 100V AC to 240V AC at 50Hz to 60Hz.” via About Apple USB Power Adapters

Another example Anker’s model A9123 which I own and use on cruises. It is designed to accept 100 volts up to 240 volts.

Many three prong devices are designed to work at a range of voltages including 220v. Those devices will work with an outlet adapter. As three prong cord users we just don’t think about it much. To see if your device is compatible with 220v check the label, product specifications or ask the manufacturer.

What about USB?

220v adapters that have USB ports should step down power to provide USB range DC power.

Example – This USB charger accepts 100-240V AC input and outputs DC 5V

Some Adapters and Devices to Consider:

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Product specifications can change. Double check your product before use.

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Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions. top:220 tag:tpr

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