All About Night Lights for Your Next Cruise!

Omeet EU 2-pin Plug - Portable Plug-in 0.7W Travel LED Night Light with USB Wall Charger - 2 Pack of White Pictured: Omeet EU 2-pin Plug – Portable Plug-in 0.7W Travel LED Night Light with USB Wall Charger – 2 Pack of White

A lot of cruise packing lists, blogs and videos recommend packing a night light for your next cruise vacation and for good reason cabins can get dark at night, especially interior cabins. A night light can help prevent you from bumping into things.

The problem is… Traditional night lights take up an outlet. Outlets can be a precious commodity in your cruise ship cabin with some cabins having as little as… 1 outlet. This has generally gotten better with newer ships, but can still be an issue. Even newer ships that have more cabin outlets, the outlets can be placed in such a way as to limit their usability. If two outlets are too close together… you can only use one.

Fortunately there are some alternatives.

  • USB night lights – These plug into a USB port. That means no outlet taken up. They could go on a laptop, USB wall charger or power bank.
  • 220v Travel Night Light – Many ships will have both 110 and 220 outlets. I’ll venture a guess that most US travelers leave the 220v outlet unused. This night light fits into compatible 220v outlets and as a bonus gets you a USB wall charger.
  • Rechargeable Night Lights – Charge as needed, no outlet used!

Rechargeable Night is also great for one particular trouble spot in your cabin… your cabin bathroom. Some cabin bathrooms are completely dark. Like… completely dark. Also a lot of times the light switch is on on the outside of the bathroom. To avoid being trapped in a small dark box you need to turn on the light before entering and potentially disturb your cabin mate. Also that much light can have a tendency to wake a person up. Okay, so… plug in a night light? Think again, most cabin bathrooms don’t have an outlet.  Put one of these in the bathroom and turn on before going to bed and… problems solved.

For lots more about cruise packing including some solutions for the outlet problem check out our complete packing list.

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Cruise Ship Power Solutions – Making Use of the 220 Volt Cabin Outlet On Your Next Cruise

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