Hands on Review: TESSAN International Power Plug with USB… Use the 220 Outlet on Your Next Cruise!

Many cruise cabins have a common problem… lack of outlets. This has generally gotten better with newer ships, but can still be an issue. Even newer ships that have more cabin outlets, the outlets can be placed in such a way as to limit their usability. If two outlets are too close together… you can only use one.

To accommodate European travelers cruise lines will often include one or more 220 volt outlets. If you’re used to using three prong 120 volt electronics this outlet will most likely go unused.

One way to stretch out the outlets on your next cruise is to… use the 220 volt outlet.

This is a hands on look at the Tessan Type C Outlet Adapter with USB Ports

This adapter will allow you to make use of a European Type C outlet on your next cruise! Note that this is not a voltage converter. Many electronics are designed to operate in the 220 volt range.

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A look at the box. As the box indicates this is a Type C Adapter. This is the outlet style that is in most cruise ship cabins.

Out of the box

Mine came with a sticker over the outlet with some important information…. “This adapter does not convert voltage. AC devices must support dual voltage 100-250V. Check from your device surface or label, especially hair dryer, curling iron, CPAP machine.”

Voltage adapters are generally compact and reasonably priced. Adapters only adapt the plug. They do not convert 220v to 120v. Voltage converters actually step down voltage from 220v to 120v. Those are generally bulkier and more expensive.

A 120v device (only) device will not work on a 220v outlet with an adapter, but… many of your devices may actually be rated for both 120v and 220v.


Cruise Ship Power Solutions – Making Use of the 220 Volt Cabin Outlet On Your Next Cruise

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A look at the front of the adapter. It sports a three prong North American style outlet and two USB ports. When it comes to USB devices this adapter steps down and converts power and should work with most USB devices.

This is the adapter on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas. Adventure only offers two x 120 volt outlets and 0 USB ports. The 220 outlet is to the right right side of the desk in our Jr Suite Stateroom.

The type C Adapter fits perfectly in the outlet

Close up

This is my 4 in 1 cable plugged into the adapter. This cable has been very helpful since I upgraded to iPhone 15 with USB C charging port. Since some of my devices still use Lightning style ports, this cable allows me to change all of my iOS devices (and more) with a single cable. It goes from USB A or USB C to Lightning or USB C. Whammo!  This is my smaller cable that I essentially keep as a backup. I also have a 3 foot cable and a 5 foot cable.

With my laptop charger, iPhone and iPad plugged in

How can you tell if your device will work with an adapter? Many devices are actually setup to use either voltage. As an example take a look at this laptop power charger. It’s designed to accept 100 volts up to 240 volts.

Side view

The Tessan Adapter installed on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas

The Tessan Adapter installed on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas

Tessan also makes a double outlet adapter. Here’s that installed on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas


This is a relatively cheap upgrade that makes cabin life easier. It has become a must-pack item for all our cruises. Utilizing the European style outlet seems like magic. Just make sure that your devices support dual voltage which is an easy thing to do.

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Cruise Ship Power Solutions – Making Use of the 220 Volt Cabin Outlet On Your Next Cruise

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Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions. review:tessan220 tag:tpr

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