Customized Luggage Tags!

Personalized Metal Luggage Tags with Stainless Steel Wire Loops Pack of 4

Personalized Metal Luggage Tags with Stainless Steel Wire Loops

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  • Personalized Luggage Tags by PlinChiako: Let us customize your luggage tag with your details and worry no more that your luggage will get lost. Our luggage tags are LASER-ENGRAVED that never fades.
  • Customized Luggage Tags for Suitcases: These luggage tags are made of high-end Anodized Aluminum (3.5 x 2 inches), thick, durable, rust-proof, and reusable multiple times.
  • Luggage Tag Engraved: We utilize laser engraving to ensure that our luggage tags are non-fade and offer them with Stainless Steel loops that keep them firmly attached to your luggage.
  • Cute Luggage Tag: Our luggage tags are available in different designs, in 6 modern colors, and come with stainless steel wire loop. Choose the style you prefer, enter your information, and let us personalize your luggage tag.
  • We are proud to be a Canadian family-owned and operated business.


personalized luggage tags

When it came time to replace luggage tags I decided to look for personalized options and landed on these. I’m very happy with them. Since they’re metal they’re heavy duty compared to all the other luggage tags I’ve used. They also come with beefy stainless steel loops to affix them on your luggage. Beyond choosing the color of the tags themselves you can choose the color of the wire loops and you can have them print your name on both sides of the tag.

I went with a 4 pack of blue for easy visibility and had them print my info on both sides. I did not put my address, because… I may move before I have to replace these. Instead I opted for last name, email and phone number.

Personalized Metal Luggage Tags with Stainless Steel Wire Loops Pack of 4 – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

Luggage Tag Tips:

  • Put multiple tags on your bag. I put one one each handle. That way if one gets knocked off in transit, you still have another.
  • Put a piece of paper with your contact information inside your luggage. If both tags get knocked off, the airline will still know who’s bag it is.
  • Don’t put your cruise line luggage tag on your bag prior to checking in at the airport. If you’re using just the printed piece of paper… they probably won’t make it. Even if you’re using a luggage tag holder (which I highly recommend) putting these on before the flight puts undo wear and tear on the tag holders.

Cruise Tip Luggage Tags:

I highly recommend cruise luggage tag holders. These are sturdier and more secure than tape or staples. Having these also means you don’t need to carry along… tape or staples. These also keep your tags dry (and readable) in the event of rain. Because your tags are more likely to stay on, you’re less likely to have delayed luggage on the ship. Size of these varies based on cruise line. Look for one that’s compatible with your cruise line.

If you’re flying to your embarkation port I don’t recommend putting cruise tags on your luggage until after your flight. That’s especially true if you’re taping and stapling vs using luggage tags. Luggage tag holders would probably make the flight okay, but, to me, there’s no sense subjecting these to the wear and tear of airline luggage handling.

Print and fold (or cut) your printable luggage tags at home, put them in holders and pack. Put on the night before you cruise and you’ll all set.

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